Greg Peralta vs. George Forman, Howard Cosell Announcing

Gregorio Peralta was an Argentinian heavyweight boxer whose career spanned three decades, from the 1950s to the 1970s. He started out as a light heavyweight boxer, but in 1962, he won the Argentine Heavyweight title, which he held until 1965. Though never a world heavyweight champion, Peralta was a well-known and highly respected athlete who performed widely in North and South America. Two of his most famous North American matches were with ex-Olympic boxer and future world heavyweight champion George Foreman.

The First Match

In February of 1970, Greg Peralta had his first match with Olympic gold medalist George Foreman. At the time, Foreman was a rising star in the boxing world, establishing a reputation as a knock-out artist, while Peralta was ranked as the 9th world heavyweight contender. The match was fought in New York City at Madison Square Garden on February 16. Foreman weighed 213 pounds and Peralta weighed 197.

The match lasted ten rounds, and Foreman won by decision, but Peralta was cheered by the crowd as he left the arena. Despite the loss, fans admired his courageous and skillful performance. He also revealed flaws in Foreman’s technique, and Muhammad Ali studied the match in preparation for the famous Rumble in the Jungle a few years later.

The Second Match

The two men met again in the ring on May 10, 1971. This time the fight was in Coliseum Arena in Oakland, CA, where they were competing for the regional heavyweight title. Again, Peralta gave a strong performance, going a full nine rounds with Foreman until he was knocked out in the tenth. Actually, Peralta never hit the canvas, but he was down for 8 counts against the ropes. The second time he was knocked into the ropes, the referee stopped the fight. Officially, Foreman won with a TKO at 2:52 in the 10th round.

Fans consider Peralta’s two fights with Foreman to be great achievements in his career, even though he lost both matches. In his whole career, he won 98 fights, with 60 of those being knockout wins. He is in a very small group of boxers who have won more than fifty knockouts in their lifetime.

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